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Soil, Soil Gas, and Groundwater Investigation

BRG has successfully conducted more than 550 subsurface investigations to evaluate soil, soil gas, or groundwater.  Project types have included Agricultural Land, Fuel Stations, Airports, Dry Cleaners, Landfills, Mines, Dairies, Roadways, and Plating Shops.  BRG has extensive experience with projects ranging from small vacant lands to large Superfund sites. 

Each subsurface investigation is completed by a licensed geologist.

Soil, Soil Gas, and Groundwater Investigation Includes:

  • Shallow & Deep Soil Testing

  • Percolation Testing

  • Vapor Intrusion Testing

  • Discreet Groundwater Sampling

  • Well Installation and Sampling

  • Work Plans

  • Quarterly Reporting

  • Health & Safety Plans

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Water Sampling

BRG routinely conducts water sampling for analysis to ensure compliance with relevant water quality standards or to identify contamination.  Samples may include tap water, surface water, streams, and groundwater.  If pollutants are present, options for remediation will be identified and evaluated.

Water Sampling Includes:

  • Surface Water Sampling

  • Tap Water Sampling

  • Monitoring Wells

  • Quarterly Sampling & Reporting


Air Quality

BRG conducts air quality assessments to identify potential air pollutants indoors, outdoors, sub-slab, and soil.

Indoor Air Quality Investigations Include:

  • Air Testing & Monitoring

  • Human Health Assessments